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Miamisburg, OH, September 13, 2018 – ALLITE®, Inc. announces its proprietary, high-performance ALLITE® Super MAGNESIUMTM today, with the premium alloy now available to brands, manufacturers, engineers and product designers.

Allite Super Magnesium is the first material to go-to-market from Ohio-based company Allite, Inc. Lighter and stiffer than aluminum, less expensive than carbon fiber and with the lowest carbon footprint of any structural material throughout the value chain, Allite Super Magnesium is the premier choice for industries, spanning medical, outdoor and sporting goods, electronics, home improvement, aerospace, automotive, and beyond.

“We are thrilled to unveil Allite Super Magnesium and all of the superior benefits that it provides to brands and products across a variety of industries,” said Bruno Maier, President of Allite, Inc. “With an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and high-performance composition, Allite Super Magnesium is simply the best choice for any distinguished brand seeking materials to make their products lighter, faster, stronger, and more environmentally friendly.”

Weighing 33 percent less than aluminum, while also being stiffer and stronger, pound for pound, Allite Super Magnesium is the lightest of all structural materials. The revolutionary new alloy, which has been utilized in classified defense and aerospace applications, can also be leveraged in a variety of applications, products and components, spanning aircraft engines, auto wheels, golf clubs and tennis rackets, laptops and smart phones, hand tools and more.

Furthering its appeal for an increasingly environmentally aware consumer base, magnesium is considered to be the most eco-friendly and sustainable metal in the world, as it is 100 percent recyclable and has widespread natural occurrence with unlimited reserves.

“The superior benefits of magnesium are becoming more well-known and it is exciting to see Allite Super Magnesium delivering a material that can benefit such a vast array of industries,” said Dr. Alan Luo, a material science and engineering professor at The Ohio State University. “In addition to being earth friendly, magnesium has outstanding specific strength as a lightweight material, making it a wise choice for many industries.”

More information and sales contact information can be found at www.alliteinc.com.

About ALLITE®, Inc.
Founded in 2018, ALLITE®, Inc. is a full-service material sciences organization that develops and manufactures high-performance metal alloys for industries around the globe. They supply proprietary material science consulting, offer raw magnesium ingot, produce semi-fabricated product, including extrusion and sheet/plate, and provide custom engineering, manufacturing, and fabrication on a global scale.

ALLITE®, Inc. created and produces ALLITE® Super MAGNESIUMTM, a premium alloy that is the lightest of all structural materials and is diversely appealing across vast industries where weight, performance and efficiency are critical. Considered to be the most eco-friendly and sustainable metal in the world, magnesium is 100% recyclable, dissolves naturally leaving no trace, and has widespread natural occurrence with unlimited reserves.