Global. Nimble.
Fully Capable.

Since 2006, our passionate team of engineers, chemists, and metallurgists has been fully dedicated to the creation of innovative ALLITE® SUPER MAGNESIUM™ materials that strike the ultimate balance of advancing technology, production, and human achievement.

We are based in the United States, with offices around the world, and we offer a full line of SUPER MAG™ services and capabilities, including the creation of proprietary patented and custom alloys and groundbreaking forging, extrusion, and die-casting technologies.

And while our mission began behind-the-scenes through classified and highly advanced product development and innovation initiatives, our people and SUPER MAGNESIUM™ products are now available throughout the world and are easily accessible at our home offices in Dayton, Ohio—the birthplace of aviation. Together, we are completely committed to partnering with companies both big and small in reimagining the material world.